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  • False Creek Health Care Centre

    A state-of-the-art private healthcare facility in downtown Vancouver, providing rapid access to medical services. FCHC is the only Healthcare Centre in Canada to house the following in the same building

  • RocklandMD

    Clinique médicale et centre de chirurgie privé à Montréal - Cliniques médicales avec chirugien spécialisé ou docteur de famille, accès rapide.

  • Les Cours Medical Center

    Les Cours Medical Center is state-of-the-art medical centre, surgical facility and Aesthetic rejuvenation facility. Fully accredited by the Province of Quebec and by the Canadian Associatiation of ambulatory Surgical Facilities

  • Kamloops Surgical Centre

    Services include: orthopaedics, neurosurgery, general surgery, gynecology, urology, ophthalmology, sinus surgery, pain management

  • ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre

    Ambulatory Surgical Centre Vancouver is a multidisciplinary surgical centre offering orthopedic, reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Expedited service. OR nurses wanted

  • Ville Marie Medical and Women's Health Centre

    On Site Same Day Breast cancer detection and prevention

  • Soundcare Medical Centre

    Our team approach is the key to the success of this new model of care.

  • Lesley Christine Edwards Tunney's Pasture

    Doctors/practitioners at this clinic:

  • Women's Health Clinic

    We are a feminist, community health clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1981, we have offered a range of services to women of all ages.

  • Appletree Medical Centre

    We are Appletree Medical Group - Canada's most progressive multi-disciplinary medical group.

  • Dr. Roman Feigel

    Dr. Roman Feigel

Obstetrics & Gynecologysts Canada

This website is a project directory for Canada. Here you can find all about medical centers offering the best women’s health treatment.  We provide you with the latest information about gynecological clinics, sexual health and family planning clinics in Ottawa and any other companies, surgeries, associations, health centers and clinics in Ottawa dealing with gynecology in Canada. We keep updating all the data in the directory so that you can find a good gynecologist in Ottawa and any other information that you need quickly and easily.

A series of articles covers all sorts of important problems “from contraception to conception”, ante-natal and post-natal treatment.
Among the issues they cover there are the following:

•    Contraception: how to choose the right contraceptive method?
•    Planning a pregnancy
•    Prenatal care, maintenance of pregnancy, giving birth
•    Sexually transmitted infections, hidden infections
•    Libido, sex drive, sexual harmony
•    How to treat impotence and other types of male sexual disorder
•    Many others

We are going to publish more articles on related topics taking into the consideration the interest and demand of our readers.