Les Cours Medical Center

Les Cours Medical Center The Very Finest in Care.

Discover the best in aesthetics and general surgeries - right in the heart of downtown Montreal. 

Les Cours Medical Center, a private, state-of-the-art medical and surgical facility, is Canada's largest and most luxurious surgical spa. Catering to patients seeking the highest standards of medical excellence, personalized care and unmatched privacy, Les Cours Medical Center brings you some of Quebec's finest medical talent as well as a dedicated support staff entirely committed to your safety, comfort and well being.

Your Privacy Is Our Promise.

Discretion is at the heart of everything we do at Les Cours Medical Center, and we guarantee our patients complete privacy from the time they walk in the door, including:
  • Comfortable, spacious changing cabanas
  • Private showers
  • A secure lock-up area for valuables
  • Dedicated VIP entrance
  • Meeting and exceeding all applicable health information privacy laws and regulations

Discover a Whole New You Today.

At Les Cours Medical, we make it easy to get the treatments you want, with:
  • Credit approval within 24 hours
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • No down payment

Meet the New Face of Medical Excellence.

Talk to Les Cours Medical Center today. From surgery to weight management to cosmetic treatments and women's health services, we can help you look and feel your best and face the world with confidence.

The addresses of clinics

Les Cours Mont Royal, 1455 Peel Street Suite# 111 (metro Level) Downtown Montreal Quebec Canada H3A 1T5

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