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  • Male infertility: symptoms, causes and treatment

    Male infertility. The failure to conceive after one year of regular sexual intercourse.It is sensible to run diagnostics of male infertility as the first stage for any reason of an infertile marriage including female infertility. It helps avoid tactical mistakes as well as unnecessary losses in time and money.
  • Problems with potency

    The inability to get or maintain an erection is the most important sexual problem that can be of concern to a man. The old term “impotence” reflects the feelings caused by such a fiasco. When considering sexual relationship, this word is almost useless as it means any erectile dysfunction – from just a single incident caused by a minor reason to the inability to get an erection ever under any circumstances.
  • The symptoms of an extrauterine pregnancy

    The pregnancy test is positive, all symptoms of the pregnancy are evident, but the scan can not see the embryo. Your lower abdomen hurts and you probably have unusual discharge. This is a brief description of the signs of an abdominal pregnancy. Only 1-2% of all pregnancies are extrauterine, so called because the fetus has implanted outside the uterus.
  • Сontraception for women. All truth!

    There are so many new things introduced every day in the modern world that is developing fast day by day. It is sometimes difficult to choose among various options, for example find a contraceptive method that fits you just right. We hope this article will be helpful and you find the answers to most questions about contraception that you have.    
  • How to get pregnant: plan of action

      The decision to have a baby has been made. Every woman realizes that she should start with giving up contraception – any oral (pills) and barrier (condoms) contraceptives. Statistics say that 90% of women get pregnant within a year after that. But a year is such a long time! Is it possible to increase the chances of getting pregnant?  
  • Embryo implantation: symptoms, signs, timeline and process

    Implantation is the very early stage of pregnancy when the fertilized egg adheres to the wall of the uterus. This adhesion enables the fetus to receive oxygen and nutrients from the mother. Embryo implantation marks the beginning of the so called prenatal development phase.
  • Causes of missed Period when Negative Pregnancy Test

    Concern about such a seemingly natural process, as menstrual cycle, sometimes seems excessive even for women themselves. Too ample or too scanty, painful or long, in any case, unusual periods always draw your attention to your physical state. However, there is hardly anything that cause more panic than a case of missed period.  
  • 5 Week Pregnancy

    The fifth week of pregnancy is the time when most women first discover that they are expecting a baby. The fetus has been developing for only three weeks though; and still, the HCG hormone level is already high enough to successfully use a home pregnancy test. This is already the time when most women schedule their first visit to the doctor.
  • 4 Week Pregnancy

    Most women would still expect their period to arrive. If it does not occur, congrats – you might be pregnant. Every woman is unique, so your feelings and general state can follow its own path. Although, there are some symptoms that are quite common for a greater part of pregnant women during this gestational stage. 
  • 0 - 1 week of pregnancy: earliest signs, symptoms, precautions

    The first week of pregnancy is not pregnancy as it is. It is the time when your body is thoroughly preparing to the one of the main events in life – conception. Nevertheless this period is also very important and specialists always include week one in all pregnancy calendars.
  • 3 week pregnancy

    The third week of expecting a baby is considered the official beginning of the wonderful time, the very start of pregnancy itself. Since ovulation mainly occurs right in the middle of the woman's cycle, fertilization takes place approximately at the end of the 2nd week.   Thus, the 3rd week comprises conception and the first few days of the baby's life within your belly. The actual pregnancy has already developed.  
  • Two-week pregnancy

    What does the second week of pregnancy mean?   The second week of pregnancy is a relative concept that is perceived differently by doctors and future mothers.  
  • Pregnancy after laparoscopy

    Laparascopic surgery is a very popular diagnostic procedure which allows the doctor to see the condition of the womb and the ovaries as well as the passability of the uterine tubes. This procedure is used to confirm such diagnoses as endometriosis, myoma, extrauterine pregnancy, ovarian cyst and adhesions in fallopian tubes. The popularity of laparoscopy can be easily explained by the fact that it is much more informative then a scan or hysteroscopy. It lets the clinician see all the organs in the abdomen with the help of a special telescopic camera (laparoscope).
  • How to get rid of thrush?

    First of all in order to be less prone to thrush, you should only use antibiotics and antibacterial medications in a real emergency. If you are to have thrush treatment, you should take antifungal medications by mouth in order to prevent episodes of candida infection.  
  • How to cause a menstrual period?

    Before you decide to follow advice from this article, you should understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. A menstrual period is a process in your body that happens regularly with the frequency established by nature. If this cycle is broken, it is a not good idea to force it by using home remedies. Even if you manage to do it, it will not solve the problem of a missed period but it can even make the situation worse. A woman who treats her body responsibly will never experiment but will seek her doctor’s advice to find out what caused the missed period.