How to get pregnant: plan of action

How to get pregnant: plan of action


The decision to have a baby has been made. Every woman realizes that she should start with giving up contraception – any oral (pills) and barrier (condoms) contraceptives. Statistics say that 90% of women get pregnant within a year after that. But a year is such a long time! Is it possible to increase the chances of getting pregnant?



1. Favorable days for conception

You should calculate favorable days for conception based on the length of your cycle, especially the second phase of your cycle. If your cycle is more or less regular, you can use the method of measuring your basal temperature. Those who are lazy to make graphs can use ovulation tests. Remember that there are about 6 days for conception (spermatozoids can live in the womb up to 5 days awaiting for an egg, and the egg is ready for conception for about 24 hours after ovulation)


2. The frequency of sexual intercourse

Having sex once in 2-3 days is considered to be the best. Taking into consideration paragraph 1, do not try to have sex at the exact time of ovulation. Neither men’s nor women’s bodies are 100% predictable, so do not deprive yourself of another chance to get pregnant by strictly following the plan and not having sex on the days when “it is impossible to get pregnant anyway”. None of the programs or midwives’ advice or methods of ovulation prediction will guarantee 100% conception. That is why regular sex life throughout the whole cycle is much more effective then a sex marathon in the middle of the cycle.

3. Fitness for both partners

If you or your or partner are not very active people by nature, make a plan of activities. Do not forget that the most useful are any exercises for your lower belly and pelvis. Such exercises improve blood circulation in this part of the body, prevent blood congestion and increase your chances. The ideal variant for a woman is belly dancing. It is more difficult with men because belly dancing will look strange, mildly speaking. The simplest variant for a man is to join a fitness club, where your beloved will especially develop his gluteus. It will not only help solve the problem of conception, but will also make the father-to-be attractive “from behind”.

4. Preventive examination at the gynecologist’s

Before giving up contraceptives, consult your gynecologist for a preventive examination. Even if your cycle is regular and you neither complain about feeling bad nor suspect any sexually transmitted infections, such an examination is advisable. Some problems in a woman’s body are hidden and they increase the duration of the time to conceive. Any failed cycle is a huge psychological stress for a woman.

5. Preventive examination at the andrologist’s

We understand that to send a man to an androlodist is sometimes more difficult then finding a needle in a haystack. The stronger part of the human race usually gets into some sort of a panic fear about anything connecting with their fertility. Unfortunately male’s infertility is not rare. Even if a woman is absolutely healthy, all the chances can fail by the so-called male’s factor. This is a piece of advice for the most fearful partners: let them read a couple of articles about male’s fertility, explain that their sperm has a huge amount of characteristics and that it would be just interesting to find out what their results are.

And the last thing to say. If the question “how to get pregnant” runs in your head and does not leave you, you are worrying and it is really difficult not to think about it. Try to think what is the worst outcome that may happen if you do not get pregnant in this cycle? Will it be a catastrophe? Will you lose the reason to live? No? Then treat it as a lottery with an incredibly high chance (90 %) to win. Even if not in this cycle, but in the next one or in the one after that, your win is 90% guaranteed. How does that sound?

25 Ноябрь 2011
Author: Dr. Lara Stoun

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