How to get rid of thrush?

How to get rid of thrush?

First of all in order to be less prone to thrush, you should only use antibiotics and antibacterial medications in a real emergency. If you are to have thrush treatment, you should take antifungal medications by mouth in order to prevent episodes of candida infection.


A good means of preventing the fungus growing in the intestinal tract is regular intake of yogurt containing lactic-acid bacteria. It is advisable to eat certain organic products. Garlic, propolis (bee glue), hot chilly pepper, berries and leaves of red huckleberry, juice and seeds of grapefruit, nut leaves, tea tree oil all have good antifungal effects. They can be used as a secondary treatment alongside the main therapy.

How to get rid of thrush – recommendations on thrush prevention

  1. - Normalize your weight and diet. Eat fruit and vegetables instead of fat and sweet food. Have more fermented dairy products.
  2. - Use only cotton underwear. Synthetic clothes do not ventilate your skin well. As the temperature of the body rises, sweat can not evaporate. It creates the conditions for infections such as thrush.
  3. - If you use lubricants during sex, use only water-soluble lubricants.
  4. - If you are allergic to latex condoms, use polyurethane ones. It is a good idea to go to the doctor and have some tests. What if your allergy is actually an infection?
  5. - Do not use vaginal douche without necessity. As experience shows washing out healthy flora does more harm than good.
  6. - If you have casual sex, always use a condom.

How to get rid of thrush – if you already have thrush

  1. - Always follow your doctor’s recommendations and advice.
  2. - Drink more liquid. It is good to drink cranberry juice.
  3. - Always wash yourself with pure water from front to back, ideally 2-3 times a day.
  4. - If you have to use sanitary towels or tampons, change them twice more often then usual.
  5. - Try to avoid over consumption of tea and coffee (more than 2 cups a day).

If you suspect that you have thrush or any other genital infection, a woman should visit a gynecologist and a man should seek a venereologist’s advice.

25 Ноябрь 2011
Author: Dr. Lara Stoun

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