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  • Male infertility: symptoms, causes and treatment

    Male infertility. The failure to conceive after one year of regular sexual intercourse.It is sensible to run diagnostics of male infertility as the first stage for any reason of an infertile marriage including female infertility. It helps avoid tactical mistakes as well as unnecessary losses in time and money.
  • Problems with potency

    The inability to get or maintain an erection is the most important sexual problem that can be of concern to a man. The old term “impotence” reflects the feelings caused by such a fiasco. When considering sexual relationship, this word is almost useless as it means any erectile dysfunction – from just a single incident caused by a minor reason to the inability to get an erection ever under any circumstances.
  • The symptoms of an extrauterine pregnancy

    The pregnancy test is positive, all symptoms of the pregnancy are evident, but the scan can not see the embryo. Your lower abdomen hurts and you probably have unusual discharge. This is a brief description of the signs of an abdominal pregnancy. Only 1-2% of all pregnancies are extrauterine, so called because the fetus has implanted outside the uterus.
  • Сontraception for women. All truth!

    There are so many new things introduced every day in the modern world that is developing fast day by day. It is sometimes difficult to choose among various options, for example find a contraceptive method that fits you just right. We hope this article will be helpful and you find the answers to most questions about contraception that you have.    
  • How to get pregnant: plan of action

      The decision to have a baby has been made. Every woman realizes that she should start with giving up contraception – any oral (pills) and barrier (condoms) contraceptives. Statistics say that 90% of women get pregnant within a year after that. But a year is such a long time! Is it possible to increase the chances of getting pregnant?  

Obstetrics & Gynecologysts Canada

This website is a project directory for Canada. Here you can find all about medical centers offering the best women’s health treatment.  We provide you with the latest information about gynecological clinics, sexual health and family planning clinics in Ottawa and any other companies, surgeries, associations, health centers and clinics in Ottawa dealing with gynecology in Canada. We keep updating all the data in the directory so that you can find a good gynecologist in Ottawa and any other information that you need quickly and easily.

A series of articles covers all sorts of important problems “from contraception to conception”, ante-natal and post-natal treatment.
Among the issues they cover there are the following:

•    Contraception: how to choose the right contraceptive method?
•    Planning a pregnancy
•    Prenatal care, maintenance of pregnancy, giving birth
•    Sexually transmitted infections, hidden infections
•    Libido, sex drive, sexual harmony
•    How to treat impotence and other types of male sexual disorder
•    Many others

We are going to publish more articles on related topics taking into the consideration the interest and demand of our readers.